Successful Trip to China to meet future investors and make new friends

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I have to say I was totally blown away with China!

My ten-day trip was exhausting as much as it was exciting. I stepped on to the plane at Manchester Airport not knowing what to expect from my first visit to China.

The people were fantastic, so friendly and helpful, the food was a delight and I was amazed at the amount of development in the cities. This is clearly a country that has a lot of money to invest, both in its own infrastructure and elsewhere.

My trip started in Shanghai and concluded in Beijing, visiting the cities of Suzhou, Nanjing, Changsha and Shenzhen along the way.

My daily time table was made up of travelling, one to one meetings with investors, presentations to potential investors, dinner with the sponsors and sleep. – Unfortunately, no time for sight seeing of this amazing country.
As a major provider of UK companies for Tier 1 funding (Unsecured investment from foreign investors), my trip to China was all about promoting our clients to potential investors.

This was a major success and we have now introduced many of our clients to new investment opportunities from Chinese Investors. By making direct contact with overseas investors this has led to a number of additional opportunities for Fresh Business Services, which will add value to our foreign investment services in the future.

There is clearly an appetite for Chinese investment into the UK, the level of investment has grown year on year and all the indications are that it is set to increase. A major factor in attracting individual Chinese investors is the quality of our education system, the opportunity to get their children into UK schools (Private and state) is one of the main reasons to invest in the UK.

Yes I came back with many investment opportunities for our clients, but I also came back having made many friends and I look forward to returning later this year.

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