Imelda O’Keeffe

Imelda O’Keeffe is a Director and Chief Operating Officer at Fresh Business Services

Imelda holds a BSc degree in Psychology and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day Operational Functions of the Business including HR and Internal Business Processes, ensuring that the business and its people work in harmony.

She is also a Highly Qualified and Accredited Leadership and Management Specialist with over 30 years’ Industry Knowledge and experience in both Corporate and SME markets. She holds an extensive portfolio of delivery to Senior Executives and their teams from Enhancing and Developing Leadership qualities to Improving Team Relations and Effective Communications. She utilises her expertise to manage relationships with Key Partners, Clients and leads the team at Fresh Business Services.

Fiona Castela

Fiona Castela is the Operations Manager of Fresh Business Services

Fiona has a background of working in European and Regional Government supporting small and medium business (SME) to grow and to innovate. She has worked on transnational business support helping SMEs to find partner organisations across the EU for export markets. Fiona has over 25 years’ experience of helping UK companies access funding for business growth.

Fiona possesses an in-depth knowledge of corporate business and small business development structures; she is an expert Business Plan writer. Along with experience in inward investment FDI, grant funding, EU programmes, she is acknowledged as a highly focused and committed professional, with excellent interpersonal, analytical and strategic skills.

Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson is Accounts and Digital Marketing Director at Fresh Business Services.

Emma holds an HND in Multimedia, BSc degree in Multimedia Technologies and a CIM Diploma in Marketing. She is responsible for overseeing IT support and all internal support systems and manages external marketing programmes, social media and website/blogs. She is also responsible for the day-to-day running of accounts.

Ray Leary

Ray Leary Innovation & Business Development

Ray has a background of working in with start-ups and the SME market and has over 40 years’ experience of helping UK companies access funding for business growth.

Ray has extensive experience in delivering Business Development and innovation strategies. By being proactive and focused on client objectives, Ray ensures that new opportunities are identified that provide clients the prospect to increase both turnover and profitability.  

Ray brings considerable experience and vision to any business, by creating and developing innovative corporate growth strategies

He focuses on those activities that will yield the best results and his approach is totally hands on, providing a customised service to every client. By working with senior management and board level directors, he provides Leadership and direction, through innovation, sales, and marketing programmes, that have led to major business growth for his clients

He leads a team of highly specialist and driven individuals, who have a reputation for professionalism and quality of work with many clients across a range of business sectors.

Dave Saddington

The newest member of our team.

Dave is the Commercial Manager of Fresh Business Services and joined the business in February 2020..

Dave has over 35 years in senior banking roles to Regional Manager level covering a wide range of business and commercial sectors in the North West from Start Up businesses to 25M Turnover SMEs.

He is responsible for raising finance and investments for FBS clients.

He has spent the last 7 years gaining experience in the Alternative Finance sector. In addition to undertaking Due Diligence on all the new applications and working with our business partners to support clients.

Dave undertakes an initial “Business Service Review” covering financial needs of the business and ongoing support    e.g Funding options and R&D Tax credits

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